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culpa innata

Друзья, разъясните дураку, с экклесиастической латынью незнакомому, что за понятие culpa innata? Вот хорошее противопоставление с прочими разновидностями culpa делается:

Cassander De baptismo infantium p.711 apud тута

Is puer qui perfidia patris a salute et regno Christi prohibetur non excluditur a regno Dei ob culpam alienam, id est, patris impietatem, sed ob culpam propriam et innatam.

Что такое в подобном контексте culpa вообще и culpa innata в частности?

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Feb. 10th, 2014 12:27 pm (UTC)
Из иринеевского Adversus haereses:

"For this purpose, too, He interrogates them, that the blame might light upon the woman; and again, He interrogates her, that she might convey the blame to the serpent. For she related what had occurred. "The serpent," says she, "beguiled me, and I did eat." But He put no question to the serpent; for He knew that he had been the prime mover in the guilty deed; but He pronounced the curse upon him in the first instance, that it might fall upon man with a mitigated rebuke. For God detested him who had led man astray, but by degrees, and little by little, He showed compassion to him who had been beguiled".


лат. текста третьей главы не нашлось.