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Announce: Semantics & Pragmatics

Semantics & Pragmatics
A New, Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal in Linguistics

Editors: David Beaver (UT Austin) and Kai von Fintel (MIT)
Open for submissions: September 2007
First issue: Early 2008

So far, the journal has been accepted by the Linguistic Society of America as part of their eLanguage initiative. David reports that “The LSA executive initially planned a restriction that eLanguage journal authors would have to be LSA members […] But […] they’ve now decided to impose no such restriction.” I think this is the excellent news. May a professional society of scientists worry not about pricing the fresh information by the drop.

According to Ellen Duranceau in MIT Libraries News, “Semantics & Pragmatics will ask authors to allow the journal a non-exclusive right to publish, while leaving copyright ownership with the author.” For those commissioning information to paper lest the computer goblins eat it, “[T]hey plan to offer an annual volume through a print-on-demand service.” [For the information completeness' sake, prof. von Fintel is a co-editor of MIT Libraries News.]

My sincere congratulations, gentlemen! Way to go!
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