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L. Fregimus Vacerro

Engineering? Art? Magic!

If you are being (or have recently been) taught CS but not in Lisp (or Scheme, or any functional language whatsoever), you should do yourself a lifetime favor by downloading videos and the textbook of the famous Abelson and Sussman's MIT CS 6.001 course. Lisp is one of the easiest languages to learn there on Earth, the functional paradigm is unmatched in its power and expressiveness, the course is delivered by two famous teachers: you've got 20 hours of professionally enlightening self-study and not a single excuse to miss it.

This is how the very first lecture begins (Abelson):
I'd like to welcome you to this course on computer science. Actually, it's a terrible way to start off. Computer science is a terrible name for this business. First of all, it's not a science. It might be engineering, or might be art, or— you'll see that computer so called “science” has a lot of common with magic. You'll see that in this course.
And it is not computer either!

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